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Recipe of the Month

Expecting guests for Christmas or New Year? Here’s a tasty treat made using ingredients from The Green Gram for you to make and offer as nibbles with a drink. Why not come along and pick up any ingredients you are missing and have a go!

Our opening hours are changing over the Christmas Period - click here to check.   


Also, have a look at some Christmas Ideas below

We look forward to seeing you!

Gourmet Nuts.jpg

Christmas Ideas

  • Fill your jars with a mixture of our snacks. Layer with different coloured Belgian chocolate buttons, milk chocolate brazils, yogurt raisins or dark chocolate coffee beans.

  •  Make a personalised trail mix from our wide range of nuts, seeds and fruits. This jar is seasonly filled with Organic almonds, cranberries, pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate buttons.

  • Fill with our gourmet nut mix or wait for the "Spicy Nut" recipe later the month.

xmas jars.jpg
hamper photo 1.jpg

Make up your own personalised hamper. So many products to choose from! See the "price list" for an up to date list of products and prices.

Fill small jars with our luxury selection of FFF seasonings. Choose from Americas, Bedouin, Mediterranean or Oriental.

spice jars.jpg
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