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The Green Gram Community Refill Shop Limited
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This Share Offer is for Membership of the Community Benefit Society that is The Green Gram Community Refill Shop Limited ("The Green Gram").

Only one person can apply per form: shares cannot be issued in joint names. If you would like a hard copy of this form, you can download it here or email 

I would like to purchase shares of the value below (@ £10 per share) in The Green Gram

Please choose:

Declaration and payment: please tick boxes to confirm your agreement with the statements

By requesting that I become an investing member of The Green Gram, I agree to my name, address, contact number, email address and number of shares I wish to purchase being stored securely on a computer database. I understand that this information will be used for the purposes of maintaining a register of members as required by the rules of the society, for posting of notices regarding activities of The Green Gram. and will not be passed to any third parties without my permission, except as required by law.

You can pay by bank transfer or send a payment by cash or cheque. Details will be provided after you click Submit  

The Green Gram Community Refill Shop Limited is a Community Benefit Society

registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefits Societies Act 2014. Registration no: 8791

 Registered Office: 18 Blackwater Grove,Alderholt,Fordingbridge SP6 3AD

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